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July 8, 1924 - August 25, 2008

One of his rescue attempts


DOMINIC PELLEGRINO (1946 - 18 Apr 1959)

Newspaper: Medina Daily Journal; Mon., April 20, 1959

Multi-Unit Search Uncovers Local Youth’s Drowned Body
Medina Lad, 12, Dies in Glenwood Lake

One of the most spectacular combined search efforts in the recent history of the area took place here Saturday and Sunday as hundreds of men dragged the bottom of Glenwood Lake to retrieve the body of Dominic PELLEGRINO, 12, who drowned shortly before noon Saturday. There could be no hope for life or survival at the scene - only the grim search for the remains of the youngster who was one of two adrift in a small boat. In a mornent of fear at being adrift with a high wind and rough surface, the two had tried to swim ashore.

Dominic, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. John PELLEGRINO, 815 S. Main St., failed to make it to shore, apparently starting out first for the east shore, a long distance away. His companion, Daniel Thompson, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Thompson of Maple Ridge Rd., was successful, but just barely made it to shallow ground and safety on the nearer shoreline.

While onlookers, vehicles and apparatus crowded three sides of the small man-made lake at the north edge of Medina, the boatloads of searchers patiently dragged the bottom directed by walkie-talkie radio from shore and using both eye-witness accounts of where the boy was last sighted and also photographs showing the contour of the bottom. Finally, Sunday afternoon at about 2:20, the word was quickly flashed across the surface of the water that one drag line had hooked the boy’s shirt and was raising the body. The boat contained Joseph Cardone at the motor, Louis Metz and Richard Rigerman on the lines and David Chiarolanza, 13, who had been an eye-witness to the drowning on Saturday. An amphibious 'duck' sent from Niagara County was on the water nearby and swung about to help retrieve the body.


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